Posted by: gypsytales | May 19, 2011

10 unconventional travel ideas for a tight budget


Picture: Volunteering in El Bolson, Argentina

The costs associated with long-term travel are like tooth decay, relentlessly rotting away at the budget.

When we began travelling we initially stayed at the cheap and ‘nasty’ establishments to save money.  By the third week it became abundantly clear that where one sleeps contributes significantly to ones travel experience.  Upgrading our lodgings meant our costs increased too.  The benefit of a long trip, however, provides opportunities to combine a variety of travel and accommodation options.

To find out how we were able to add joie de vivre to our travels while simultaneously managing our resources click here to read my post on Getaway’s blog site entitled “10 unconventional travel ideas for a tight budget”.



  1. I thought you had deserted your Blog! Just caught up today and well worth the look – beautiful!

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