Posted by: gypsytales | November 14, 2010

Leisure Isle Coffee Shop

This  picture speaks more than a thousand words to me.  I love the spray of pastel colours, the shapes of the different leaves and the unusual texture on the bark of the trees.

This is Leisure Isle Coffee Shop, situated on Leisure Isle in Knysna.  By choice we don’t have a car, so walking is our de facto mode of transport.  It’s incredible how many small details one misses when one drives.  But on the other hand, one also under estimates the distance between places when one has to walk. 

Setting off at lunchtime last Sunday we were intent on taking a lazy stroll which ultimately would culminate in a coffee stop.  If you had read my previous post our unwavering mission has been to search out the best coffee in Knysna; neither inclement weather nor distance has deterred us from achieving our goal.  As my hubby always says “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

So with a day pack containing a variety of clothing options we set off in the direction of Leisure Isle.  A cheeky wind blew constantly belying how high and hot the sun was.  No matter how long or how fast we walked, Leisure Isle lay like a mirage of illusive hope before us.  Just when we thought it couldn’t be that far the distance tricked us once again.  So it was a welcome reprieve when we finally arrived to discover Leisure Isle Coffee Shop cupped in an English country garden.  It was shortly after the lunch rush and we found a quiet table in the corner where we read the paper and sipped on cappucinos and cafe lattes. 

After recharging and refuelling the return walk didn’t seem as long.  It’s funny that way isn’t it?

A week later, I still have a very distinct  tan or I should say burn on my neck and shoulders from walking 3 hours in search of the best coffee in Knysna 🙂




  1. nice picture. very bright..

  2. Been there …. loved it!!

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