Posted by: gypsytales | October 28, 2010

In Knysna, Still on the Road and Still Dreaming

waiting for the yacht to enter the lagoon

In Knysna, Still on the Road and Still Dreaming

I can vividly recall the thrill of anticipation I experienced shortly before we left on our adventure for South America.  Many concerned friends and family consoled my husband with nods and gestures of sympathy saying, “Well let’s hope she travels her bug right out and finds what she is looking for!”

Suffice to say, 11 months on, we have yet to discover a vaccination for my wanderlust.

We are now in Knysna, South Africa.  Standing at a viewpoint on the Knysna Heads I could see for miles out to sea.  A small yacht was navigating her way between the protective sentinels of rock that forms the right of passage from the sea to the lagoon.  Many a vessel has experienced the cruel embrace of this restless coastline.

watching and waiting

As I watched the yacht I asked my husband if he thought I would be able to attempt another seafaring voyage.  Memories of our trip to Antarctica, just a few months prior, were still tender to touch.  I fell in love with Antarctica, but getting there proved to be a nightmare from hell.  Three days at sea, in a gale force storm, with 15 metre swells and 100km/h winds of snow dominating the ship resulted in debilitating sea sickness that continued on land for 11 days after we had disembarked.  I remember giving my husband instructions to shoot me so that my misery could end swiftly.

so inviting

But looking at the yacht from terra firma it seemed so inviting, so appealing…teasing and tempting me, provoking my need for adventure.  The sea was relatively calm that day, nothing like the one we encountered while crossing the Drake Passage and I envisaged those early sailors who chartered these very waters, through narrow spits of land, in their quest for personal discovery.

safely through

Where the likes of great men like Shackleton (1874 – 1922), one of the early explorers to Antarctica, were known as men of iron in wooden boats.  These men died young; all the more reason why I find Timothy Luce’s quote so compelling, “The brave don’t live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all”.

Some people have said to us that we were brave to sell up 15 years of life and hit the road for an indefinite period of time.  I don’t know if it was brave.  I can say that it wasn’t the most cautious move I’ve made.  For me it was a time to “get busy living….or get busy dying”. (1)

So after treacherous sea crossings, earthquakes, aftershocks and tsunami warnings in Chile…’s up the mountain we go.  In January 2011 we will attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa and also one of the 7 summits.

The Gypsies...still on the road...still dreaming

So when I’m asked, “have you found what you are looking for?”
My quick response is, “heck I hope not, or that could only spell one thing – my travelling days are over”.

(1) A line from the The Shawshank Redemption (1994)



  1. The scenery is beautiful enjoy your travelling . Love Mom

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