Posted by: gypsytales | September 17, 2010

SPRIGS – the food shop

"SPRIGS SPREAD" - lunchtime buffet table

We’ve been travelling now for almost 10 months (9 months in South America).  Most of this time has not been spent in the kitchen cooking.  Finding good places to eat out isn’t an easy task, but it’s an enjoyable one nonetheless.  I think it’s safe to say, up until this point we’ve probably eaten at about 850 restaurants.  Watching our calorie intake is not high on our priority list either.  And while I love food, the older I’m becoming I’ve begun to notice that not everything loves me.

The Food Shop - everything from jams, sushi rice and truffle oil to appliances and cookware

We are once again on the road, in an area we aren’t all that familiar with.  So when a chance wrong turn (conveniently occurring at lunch time) delivered us on the door step of SPRIGS we were delighted. 

a perfect cappuccino

Described in their own words, “SPRIGS is a seasonal restaurant.  Our food is defined not only by the seasons of the years, but also by the seasons of our moods.” 

Having returned twice in the last three days, I can confidently say that I’m delighted with their moodiness. 

The lunchtime “SPRIGS Spread” is available between 11h45 and 14h00.  How do I know this?  Because yesterday I arrived too late for the buffet and had to go without lunch.  Guess who was moody after that discovery?  

But today, having made it with plenty of time to spare, I am now able to evoke, with palatable pleasure the gastronomic flair from earlier. 

The artful display of heaps of colour, texture and variety is so attractive it could almost induce a mild food-lover’s panic attack at the thought that by the time you arrived to dish up you could be in the same position as Old Mother Hubbard and discover that the platter was bare. 

Fortunately, adequately sized serving utensils with equally adequately sized serving salvers, containing hot and cold food choices, are conveniently positioned on the centre table for self-service.  Jugs of cold water, embellished with fruit and flowers were at the far end of the serving table. A waitron, wearing a pistachio green t-shirt and mocha brown apron promptly arrives to offer an explanation of what is on the menu for the day.  Price is according to weight. 

Twin sisters, Clare and Fiona Ras are both chefs par excellence and co-owners of Sprigs in Kloof, Durban KwaZulu Natal.  With the release of their most recent cookbook “Sprigs Entertain” I wasn’t able to resist purchasing a personally signed copy. 

Sprigs Entertain - latest cookbook by Clare & Fiona Ras of SPRIGS restaurant

In their own words, “The menus are designed to be complete in themselves to make shopping and preparing for an event as easy as possible.” 

We leave tomorrow, what a pity.  I would love to have attended one of their cooking demo’s.  The next one, Tuesday 21 September 2010 is Persian Cooking, a gastronomic journey through Persia welcomes you to complex mosaic tastes and smells.  Flatbread with walnut and mint dip, Saffron stuffed tomatoes, Chicken and orange khoresht with carrots and cinnamon.,,,mmmm, I know I’m going to be missing something. 

Well there’s no excuse now, I can always remind myself of this chance wrong turn by enjoying SPRIGS of Thyme from their latest recipe book

FIELDS SHOPPING CENTRE KLOOF – P.O. BOX 604 NEW GERMANY 3620 TEL: (031) 7646031 FAX: (031) 7646061



  1. Francis, this sounds delightful! I will visit when we take Brenda and Roger to Durban – thanks for the positive review!

  2. that looks very interesting you can copy me a few recipes as i now have a proper stove in my house ., instead of that awful 2 plate with an oven so i am very happy .Enjoy just phone me before you leave for Canada so i know where you are. Love Mom xxxxxxxx

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