Posted by: gypsytales | July 12, 2010

“What If I Didn’t Exist?”

With Nina

“What if I didn’t exist?” she asks, her mocha-coffee eyes fixed on Barry as they made their way to the train station.   

A rather philosophical question.  But then again, this is Nina we are talking about.

A wee child, with a personality as colourful as a box of Smarties has unknowingly purloined a slice of our hearts.

She left for Scotland a couple of days ago….we said our goodbyes.  A compendium of memories will console us. 

How can we forget….. her elfin smiles?…or her quizzical mind?….or the smell of moonflowers in her hair?….or the melodious lilt in her teeny voice?

She’s a dear little soul, brimming with pluck and determination.

When was the last time a 4 year old left an indelible dent in your adult world?

She does exist and how glad we are that she does.

Beautiful child



  1. Cute!

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