Posted by: gypsytales | July 2, 2010

Surprised by Joy

Green Door, what's that secret you're keeping?

Barry calls from the kitchen, “Honey, would you like to go over to Joy’s place tomorrow for tea?”.

We take a shared taxi and arrange to meet Joy on the road between Ollantaytambo and Urubamba.  A stony pathway threads its way between parcels of land and curls to a stop at a double green wooden door.

view from the garden

Barry and Joy in her mango coloured kitchen

After receiving the guided tour of Joy’s delightful little place we settled in her mango coloured kitchen for tea, freshly baked bread and an array of sweet spreads.

Joy had set a beautiful table with fresh cut flowers from her secret garden

flowers in Joy's garden

After tea we set off for a casual amble around the villages.

Barry and Joy

Joy, wending her way through tunnels of knotty branches

ancient water ducts channeling water to the local villages for daily consumption

Known as the reclining can clearly see the profile of a face...the mountains around here have many shapes resembling humans and animals

ploughing fields the old fashioned way

We spent a memorable time with Joy and took pleasure in her companionship and hospitality.

Leaving Joy's place in a 3-wheel motor taxi



  1. It was great having you two for tea and the hike. I loved seeing the photos. Hugging Barry was as good as hugging one of my boys. See you this weekend at Apu Lodge!

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