Posted by: gypsytales | June 30, 2010

Snippets of Life in an Inka Village

A bird's eye view of Ollantaytambo

This is our street. The lodge is right at the top of the street on the RHS. One of the huge advantages of living in a village with only pedestrian streets is wonderfully quiet. No noisy traffic or smell of polution.

pedestrian street in the old part of the Inka village

Beautifully preserved ancient Inka walls. The village is about 500 years old….walls that have stood the test of time. They say the best place to be in an earthquake is next to an Inka wall. After having experienced the earthquake in Chile, I can’t say that I’d ever want to go through that again.

Heart's Cafe...our favourite meeting place. They serve the most delicious banana pancakes with maply syrup

We treated ourselves to lunch at the newly opened 5* Inka del Tambo Hotel in Urubamba, about half an hours ride by taxi

Barry with Rumi. She is so adorable we can't help hugging her every 5 mintues

With my Spanish tutor, Ernesto.

Rumi taking a bath in a glass of soup

We went to the El Albergue for lunch. The restaurant has a lovely position on the platform of the train station.

Win joined us for lunch at El Albergue. She comes from the States, lives here in Ollantaytambo and is opening her own guest lodge soon called, "Casa de Wow"

Win, Louise, Rumi of course, me and Barry in the reception of the El Albergue restaurant

Rider works at Heart's Cafe, our favourtie spot. On the way back from lunch he was standing outside Hearts, ready with a big smile and a friendly wave we he recognised us. We love the village life here in Ollantaytambo. Because everything in the village is within walking distance, stopping to chat to everyone is part of daily life. One makes friends quickly this way and it's great for getting daily exercise.



  1. Hi Franci! I must say you guys are looking very well – and as for hubbie’s hair – he can start calling himself Barry the Baptist! The spot you are staying in looks like the most idyllic place in the world – I would never want to leave it-Canada and RSA be damned. Your photos are magic and really capture the serene ambience that surrounds the countryside there. Soak it up!

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