Posted by: gypsytales | June 28, 2010

We go on Holiday Again

the morning we left for Pisac

Since arriving in Ollantaytambo and settling in to volunteering at the lodge our travels have taken on a different shape.  Instead of moving on from place to place, we travel in a virtual way with our guests.  We love to hear their stories and listen to their adventures.  Hours are spent at the dining table, sharing a glass of wine or the local Peruvian port while snacking on olives and chips. 

So when the lodge was booked out and there wasn’t room for us for a night, we decided to hit the road again for 3 nights and visited a lovely little village called Pisac about an hours drive from Ollantaytambo.

Barry enjoying the comfort of the lounge at Melissa-Wasi in Pisac

 We stayed at Melissa-Wasi and thoroughly enjoyed the surrounding countryside and comfortable rooms.

the view of the garden from the lounge and patio

Since we’ve been travelling we’ve been totally reliant on public transport for getting around.  So when we discovered that the guest house offered scooters for guests to use we relished the idea and couldn’t wait to hit the road.  This was also our first time driving on the RHS of the road, something completely unfamiliar to us.  While we’ve been passengers and having driven something like 15,000km through South America, nothing is quite the same as driving yourself.

Barry all geared up for the open road. I could have had my own scooter but since I haven't driven in 6 months and it was on the opposite side of the road I decided to go with Barry.

filling up with petrol

we loved the freedom

Barry's hair has got so long...he hasn't cut it since our visit to Canada in February 2008

enjoying the sun...the winter here is very pleasant

on the way back we followed the river



  1. Thanks for the update the children are cute that roll suits Barry very well,The photo of him and the two children is lovely. I liked the scooter you must have had a wonderful time . Your hair is long now it looks good as well easy to manage hope you are both well .Lots of Love Mom xxxxxx

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