Posted by: gypsytales | April 21, 2010

We are in Awe with Machu Picchu

the most terrific sight

Clouds, hung like sagging curtains above us as we made our way by train to the town of Aguas Calientes.   Machu Picchu is still a further 8km above the town.  If you have time and energy the walk up takes about 2 hours, deciding that we had neither, we opted to catch the shuttle.  Threading our way through serpentine bends and chalky roads that resembled the last bits of fraying sisal rope, we gained altitude inch by inch. 

winding road all the way to the top

At times the drop-off was so shear it took one’s breath away.  One had no choice except to place all confidence in the driver’s ability to navigate the narrow gauges.  When we arrived at the drop off zone, a sense of consternation overcame us because the clouds had not lifted yet.  Instead of having breakfast and waiting for the skies to open up, we continued into the park.  Arrows indicated the direction in which we should begin and we followed the lumpy path that led to an outcrop of rocks.

low cloud cover kept us in suspense

Ethereal clouds, from an imaginary cauldron of bubbling hot ice, wafted over the sacred Inca ruins.  Like a bride before her unveiling, so Machu Picchu remained shrouded and silent.  We sat down and decided to wait.  Others had the same idea but restlessness soon caught up with them and moving off, they dissolved into the low cloud cover. 

picture within a picture

And then as if by the fragile breath of a thousand waiflike fairies, they melted the flimsy shroud……revealing to us the mystery of an ancient relic.

great shapes and textures

comfy train trip back from Machu Picchu

view of the Ubamba River from the train



  1. Glad to see you both looking well, once again thanx for the lovely photos ,everyone sends love Mom xxxxx

  2. “the most terrific sight” …. Awesome!!

  3. wow! words can not describe the shear beauty of what u guys are experiencing! looks unbelievable. u sure are living the dream!!!

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