Posted by: gypsytales | April 20, 2010

Lazy Days in Ollyantaytambo, Peru

view of Ollyantaytambo

Monolithic mountains, like personal bodyguards, keep an indefatigable watch over the ancient Inca village of Ollyantaytambo.  .  An organised labyrinth of pebbled walkways divides the old town into fractions.  From our window, afternoon sun embosses biscuit-coloured Inca ruins enticing one to examine their secret chambers.

narrow pebble streets

Our lodge, conveniently located in a cul-de-sac at the far end of town, is where we’ve found a respite from our active travel schedule.  Without television and other mod-cons and only the wind and the sound of the aqueduct to distract us it’s been a marvellous place for downtime.

Since discovering the collection of books in the dining room, a typical day starts off with breakfast for nourishment and directly afterwards, while some would practise chewing coca leaves to aid digestion we found reading until lunchtime the perfect solution.

Around midday our stomachs are petitioning for attention.  We meander through the now familiar pebbled alleyways, to our regular lunchtime haunt where we order the Local Menu.  This comprises of a starter, usually traditional Peruvian soup and almost always includes a potato of some kind.  A main dish of meat (not always sure what meat) and veggies and a local non-alcoholic beverage made from purple maize.

view from our bedroom

After lunch it’s back to the lodge to once again acquaint myself with the lead character of my book and the shenanigans of her antagonist.  It’s not surprising at this pace I’ve managed to read through a couple of books ready.

If we haven’t had any choccies or sweeties during the day, as a reward, we make our way just after sunset to the local diner where we indulge in fluffy banana pancakes and warm maple syrup all washed down with fresh, homemade lemonade that causes you to pinch up at the first taste of zesty lemon.


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