Posted by: gypsytales | April 14, 2010

Lake Titicaca

views from Taquile island

The town of Puno is the gateway on the Peruvian shores of Lake Titicaca.  It was disappointing that this prime location could look so dishevelled.  But the welcome we received from our hotel more than made up for the lack of appeal.  We were met at the bus station and on arrival at our hotel a hot cup of coca tea was placed in our hands and our bags whipped up to our room.  They had also taken care of our trip to Lake Titicaca by booking this in advance before our arrival.

After an early breakfast the following morning we were collected at our hotel and dropped off at the quay side for our 2 day trip on Lake Titicaca whereupon we were to visit 3 different islands.  One of which we were to spend the night with a local family.

Uros island made from earth and reeds

dressed in a traditional outfit

Crossing the boat to the islands one could quite easily be fooled into thinking that you were at sea.  The expanse of lake is enormous and the colour changes depending on the angle of the sun.

reed boat on Uros island

rowing us between Uros islands

Our first visit was to the floating islands of Uros.  Made from sand and reeds, the moment you step onto the island one can feel the whoozy sway of the clod of earth beneath one. 

view from our room at our host's house

We then made our way by motorised boat to Amantani, where we were to spend the night.  Amantani was a solid island (no rocking thank goodness). 

washday on Amantani island

There were a number of us from a variety of countries.  Our guide allocated families for us and soon after arriving we left with our assigned host.

our host family

Our hosts were an older couple and their youngest daughter with her son.  We had a simple room with 2 single beds, lots of thick, heavy blankets, a table with 2 chairs and a single candle.  Our hosts did not have electricity or running water.

vegetable soup with quinoa

curly potatoes, Peru has over 3000 species of potatoes

The Señora made a delicious lunch for us.  Our first course was vegetable soup with quinoa followed by a fried egg and a variety of potatoes, grown on their patch of land.

dressed for a night on the town

dancing up a dust storm

That evening, dressed in traditional outfits, we had the opportunity of visiting a dance with local music.

an archway on Taquile island

Our departure was after breakfast the following morning.  After a slow boat ride we arrived on the island of Taquile.  We spent a couple of hours walking around the island enjoying the incredible scenery. 

great view over the lake from restaurant on Taquile island

Lunch was enjoyed on an open veranda on top of a fantastic lookout where we were able to admire the beauty of Lake Titicaca.



  1. The traditional dress looked good on both of you.The pototoes looked good as well,i am surprised you have not put on weight with all the food and cakes you have eaten. Will send another message soon love Mom xxxxxx

  2. LOVE the outfits – excellent!

  3. Once again, you have awed us with sights of a world we’ve never dreamed of. That floating island is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! Just one question – why don’t they just live on the lake side – what drove them to build a reed island?

    BTW – the “curly potatoes” look suspiciously like a Peruvian variant of mopani worm!!

  4. Looks absolutely beautiful and the food looks healthy but tasty

  5. Those potatoes scare me. Maybe I’ve seen way to many horror films. 🙂

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