Posted by: gypsytales | April 4, 2010

Sights Around Arequipa

Plaza de Armas, the main square in Arequipa. This was the view from our restuarant.

We’ve spent 11 wonderful days taking in the sights and sounds of Arequipa.  Tomorrow morning we will take the early bus to Lake Titicaca. 

restaurant above main square in Arequipa

traditional Arequipena starter

tradtional main meal...most of the time we haven't got a clue what we are eating...but everything is sooo yummy!!

open deck bus trip through Arequipa and the surrounding areas

O dear!! Is that volcano erupting?

beautiful plaza in Yanahaura....notice the speakers...they play gentle music where one can sit and relax

Barry trying on a gorgeous alpaca coat at a fancy store selling costly garments

dinner time at a traditional Arequipan restaurant

"I know guinea pigs are pets where you come from, but they are not pets in Peru" said our tour guide

Guinea Pig or "Cuy" is a traditional Arequipena when in Rome or in this case Arequipa, do as the locals do...we ate "Cuy" last night and it was very delicious, just one complaint...not enought meat

one of the last Catholic prosessions of the Easter Weekend



  1. OK, I was really enjoying the April 4 blogs and pictures until I got to the Guinea Pig!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guinea Pig seems like too much effort. The photos are great and I enjoy the comments. Enjoy the ride and thanks for the postings.

  3. Those guinea pig look so cute in the cage,afraid i could never eat one no mater how hungry i was,glad you enjoyed it. Love Mom xxxxx

  4. Again I say… Poor Guinea Pig!:(

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