Posted by: gypsytales | April 4, 2010

Santa Catalina Convent

beautiful arches lead to gardens and terraces

Santa Catalina Covent – a city within a city.  The convent was founded in 1579.  Young women joined the convent, to serve as cloistered nuns, a choice that prevented them from returning to their homes and families.

The convent is a beautiful structure and we spent about 2 hours taking in the wonderful sounds of silence despite being in the middle of the busy, historic section of Arequipa.

a square within the high walls

there were different living quarters where nuns lived, they were large and spacious, often times with a kitchen, lounge and dining room area

well-used kitchen

one of the nun's quarters

secret gardens and clean lines

one of the 3 volcanoes, peeps above the rooftops, within within the convent walls

narrow walkways and cobbled paving

earthen pots were used to wash clothes in this open air laundry

a respite in a secret garden where we enjoyed relaxing while we drank coffee and ate decadent chocolate cake

For juicer details here’s a link to Barry’s blog:



  1. Nice Photos my Honey…how can we forget that choc cake with Dulce de Leche…

  2. I hope you thought about me while eating chocolate cake. Mmmmmmm… yummy!

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