Posted by: gypsytales | March 21, 2010

Moon Valley – San Pedro de Atacama

the three Marys

A trip to Moon Valley reveals an area which resembles the surface of the moon.  The air is hot and without moisture.  Even breathing feels dusty and leaves ones mouth and nose feeling dry and hard.

Devoid of animal and plant life due to the lack of humidity makes this to be the driest corner on earth.

long dusty roads in the middle of nowhere

We walk up a steep sand dune and marvel at the expanse of space and lunar landscapes.  Without clouds to protect one, each step is laboured as the powerful sun beats down.

beautiful formations at sunset in Moon Valley

Sharp rocks form spectacular geological shapes providing plenty of opportunity for the imagination.  Barry said that it wouldn’t seem out of place for us to see Luke Skywalker from Star Wars flying over in one of his spaceships.

enjoying the scenery and the experience

The temperature quickly drops the moment the sun dips below the horizon.  Our guides had prepared snacks and drinks for us to enjoy as we experienced our first evening sunset in the desert.

magnificent desert colours at sunset


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