Posted by: gypsytales | March 18, 2010

Couchsurfing with Johanna and Stefy in Santiago – Chile

Mauricio, Stefy & Johanna

We arrived in Santiago, Chile to a warm welcome from our Couchsurfer, Johanna and her daughter Stefy.  Over the next couple of days we spent a great deal of time together chatting and getting to know one another.  We were especially spoilt when Johanna prepared a delicious meal for us and invited her sister and boyfriend to join us.

Fish Market Downtown Santiago

Wide varieties of fresh shellfish

Us with Mario (Paula's boyfriend) & Paula (Johanna's sister)

The preparation for the meal meant that we went in search of fresh fish at the local market.

Eating chirimoya yogurt ice-cream in Santiago...delicious

Within the first 24 hours of our arrival in Chile we had introduced our palates to a number of new and surprising tastes.  First we tried pisco sours, a typical Chilean cocktail made from grapes.  The following morning for breakfast we had a Chirimoya flavoured yoghurt drink.  Chirimoya is a traditional fruit, white on the inside with green skin.  Our fish delight was cerviche, raw fish made with lemon juice, onions and cilantro…delicious.  Chile is also well known for their wines.  We also enjoyed a particular grape varietal unique to Chile known as Carmenere.

I struggled with land sickness for about 10 days after returning from our trip to Antarctica.  Johanna has planned on going away for a couple of days and was most kind when she offered her apartment for us to stay in while I recovered.  Within hours of Johanna’s return from her trip…an earthquake struck Chile at 3:30am. 

Sharing a meal with Johanna and her family after the earthquake

It has been noted as one of the 5 biggest earthquakes in the last 100 years.  Measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale I often wonder what we would have done if Johanna had not been with us.



  1. Your’e back! Wonderful! Looking forward to your usual fun and interesting blogs!

  2. glad to hear that you’re safe and that the adventure continues

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