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Memories of our Trip to Antarctica (February 2010)

boarding Antarctic Dream - Mon 8 Feb 2010

our cabin..spent 3 days & 3 nights while we crossed Drake Passage, VERY VERY seasick. The worst storms of the 2009 / 2010 season. Measuring Force 10 on the Beaufort Scale. VERY, VERY scary.

practising emergency drills for abandon ship procedures...haunted me all the way through Drake Passage

our first dinner on the was delicious and service was out of this world

our first landing...Yankee Harbour after 3 days at sea

my hubby always on the lookout for a photo oppportunity

fur seal...even at this distance Barry could smell it's breath...definitely needed more than a breath mint

taking it all in...couldn't believe we were here...South Shetland Islands

a hot sunny day on Cuverville Island...our second landing

comical Gentoo penguins kept one entertained for ages with their waddling style and social interactions

relaxing and enjoying the warm Antarctic sun in the ship's dining room just before lunch

this is's official, we are standing on the Antarctic Continent

we walked up a rather steep incline beside a glacier in order to have a better view of the bay

Isn't it spectacular? A view of Neko Harbour from the top of the hill.

catch me if you can...climbing up was one thing...sliding down the steep incline was exhilarating

almost everyone took the shortcut down...including me, much to Barry's surprise...bombed out wildly at the bottom losing my glasses halfway

celebrating our Continental landing in style...champagne on ice

Barry having the time of his life...after the Continetal landing we went for a zodiac cruise between the icebergs and hands were numb for a day afterwards...totally worth it!

Antarctic Dream...our home for 11 days...always waiting patiently for us after our expeditions on land

peeping through our porthole in our cabin...zodiacs waiting to take us ashore for another adventure

safety was of the highest standard...the crew were 100% trustworthy in we are kitted out with our lifejackets before getting into the zodiacs

Port Lockroy now a museum. Can you believe that in season up to 350 passengers can pass by here a day? And I thought we were alone...

Valentine's Day - Port Lockroy. Barry and I wrote a postcard to one another, neither of us knew what the other one said. We'll just have to wait until we return to SA to find out. Here's Barry posting his letter to me.

Celebrating Valentine's Day - Thur 14 Feb 2010 - back on the ship

Mmmm...thanks Chef 🙂

Deception Island was our last stop. Previously a Norwegian whaling station positioned on an active volcano, hasn't erupted since 1969.

due to the geothermic activity it's possible to swim here...Barry and the ship's doctor preparing for the big dip

go for it my honey...Barry plunging into the icy waters just beyond the band of warm thermal current

this husband of mine is always ready for the extreme...

the Captain radioed through to our expedition leader on shore to get everyone to wave at the same time so that he could take a photo from the ship's bridge

last one back to shore is a rotten egg...actually the smell of sulphur at times was very reminiscent of rotten eggs

at times the black, volcanic beach sand was so hot it was impossible to stand barefoot. I could feel the heat through a pair of gumboots.

What a privilege to have been able to experience something like this.  It’s memories and moments are a treasure, something we will store in our hearts forever.

Barry has written a detailed account of our journey on his blog accompanied by some of his beautiful photographs.



  1. Really, really nice pics and summary of the trip. Still reading Barry’s Blog for all the detail. Welcome back!

  2. I have only one word to say: AMAZING !!
    I hope you continue to have a wonderful trip and hope you didnt get affected by the earthquake in Chile.

    Best regards from your former norwegian CS guest 🙂


  3. Following the Quake on CNN – glad you are safe!

  4. Hi Francis

    I’ve been following your and Barry’s blogs since I’ve heard from Liesl Kovaks that you’re going to Antartica. What an amazing experience that must have been.

    You’ve also been constantly in my prayers, since I’ve heard about the quake in Chile. So glad you’re not harmed !!

    Take care

  5. Wow! u guys have guts! Once again – beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see more. Hope u’re doing fine. Wishing u all of the best and greetings from the “bored Brough bunch”.

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