Posted by: gypsytales | January 22, 2010

We’re in El Calafate Patagonia

Garlic at Chacra Millalen

We have just arrived in the cutest town in Patagonia called El Calafate.  This trip took 26 hours by bus, covering a distance of about 2,000 km.

We had been on the farm for just under 2 weeks without internet connection and so there are still more stories and pictures to share about this adventure. 

We plan on staying here in El Calafate until next week sometime.  This will give us an opportunity to catch up on some story telling and uploading pictures.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who is reading about our journey and adding comments it encourages us to keep posting.  Until soon…



  1. What an exhausting journey that must have been!

    Of COURSE you have to keep posting – I love reading about your travels!

  2. You have been missed, there is nothing worse than a silent blog!! Working hard here, will try to skype you now,and again at+-5;30 pm our time.

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