Posted by: gypsytales | January 15, 2010

We Meet Walter and Deborah

Mateo (Walter & Deborah's adorable baby)

Jorge, Norma (Walter’s sister) Beto
Walter and Deborah

On the afternoon we returned from taking the boat trip we returned to Bariloche and feeling hungry we discovered a cosy delicatessen that made the most delicious vegetable quiches.  Walter and Deborah were sitting at another table and we soon struck up a conversation.  Deborah is American and Walter is Argentinean and they live in Seattle.  So there was plenty to chat about as relatively speaking we’ll be neighbours when we move to Victoria. 

Time was short and we were sad to say goodbye, but exchanging email addresses kept us in contact while we were still in Bariloche and we were really pleased that we were going to see them again when they invited us over for dinner and to meet Walter’s family. 

Juan Cruz, Mara, Juan Manuel (Walter's brother)

Walter and his sisters, brother and their spouses were all staying at a lovely self-catering lake establishment.  We caught the bus out and spent a terrific evening together with much laughter and lots of interpreting for us going on between Walter and Deborah and the family. 

Damien (from Cuba) & Stella (Walter's sister)

Damien who is from Cuba treated us and cooked a delicious chicken dish for supper.  He also plays in a Cuban band so we were spoilt with sounds of Latin rhythm, drumming and singing.  Walter has a wonderful family who made us feel like old friends. 

With Walter & Deborah

We spent a lovely evening together and we look forward to catching up with Walter and Deborah either in Seattle or Canada.


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