Posted by: gypsytales | January 15, 2010

We Arrive at Chacra Millalen in Patagonia

amazing scenery

A kiss on the cheek is a traditional Argentinean greeting and this was no exception at Chacra Millalen.  We arrived on Sunday afternoon, 10 January 2010 and were warmly received by all who were staying here. 

sorting walnuts

antoin weighing walnuts

cracking open walnuts

The weather was warm and sunny, a welcome break from the really cold weather we had been experiencing in Bariloche.  Alas, this was not to last.  We awoke on Monday to cold and rainy weather.  After breakfast, at around 9am, Josephine arrives.  Along with her husband Fabio, she is the owner of this charming farm.  Josephine delegates the tasks and projects for the day and we set to work. 

fresh cherriesw for jam

Emmanuela de-stoning cherries for jam

cooking jam

ready for bottling

Kamille labelling jars

If the weather is good, the usual routine would be to spend it in the garden attending to the vegetables but as it was pouring with rain Barry and I were given the task of sorting out last season’s walnuts for selling with Antoin who is from France.  At the same time Lena, Kamille and Emmanuela who are from France, were making cherry jam.  All the food we eat is organic and picked fresh from the garden daily for each meal.  The rain had lifted slightly and Josephine asked if we would like to pick raspberries. 


collecting raspberries

Barry in the raspberry bushes

Because everything is organic they don’t wash the raspberries which means our hands need to be clean and after picking we place the raspberries in sterilised glass jars which are placed in material bags which we hang around our necks and secured by tying them behind our backs.  Part of the fun of picking is to eat your produce too. 

freshly baked raspberry pie

This was a delicious raspberry pie baked for dessert.



  1. Gran would have LOVED making the jam!

  2. Yummy!

  3. Sounds amazing

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