Posted by: gypsytales | January 15, 2010

Up the Teleferico

Barry eating lunch in the park

One must be prepared to be spontaneous and impulsive in Bariloche because the weather could change rather suddenly.  With open skies it was the ideal conditions to enjoy a trip up the local cableway. 

Loving Bariloche; just before going up the cableway

We bought our tickets in the main street just before lunch, giving us enough time to buy hamburgers from a vendor, before the bus arrived to fetch us.The bus ride to the cableway is just a couple of minutes out of town. 

Cable car

The trip up the mountain takes about ten minutes on the cableway.  For those who are more energetic and can afford the time, the 3 hour climb is demanding. 

View from the top of the mountain

As we floated above, cocooned in our little hard boiled eggs, we saw a number of people below us in various stages of exhaustion as they attempted the lengthy climb.At the top of the mountain is the only revolving restaurant in Argentina.  With a 360 degree view of the lakes and mountains it makes for spectacular dining.


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