Posted by: gypsytales | January 15, 2010

Julie from Couchsurfing makes us an Asado

Julie from Couchsurfing

About a week before we arrived in Bariloche we sent a request to Julie from Couchsuring to ask if she could host us.  Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but her son was home from university for the holidays so she invited us around for a meal instead. 

Julie and her son Frederico

Julie lives about 3½ km out of town and so we caught the bus to her place and walked the remaining three blocks up the hill to her house. 

We sat in the garden and drank merlot wine and ate olives while Julie prepared the asado for us.  An asado is what we call a braai in South Africa, basically cooking meat over an open fire.  Julie has a great love for the outdoors and has lived in Patagonia for many years. 

She is a scientist involved in researching wildlife in and around Bariloche.  We had an evening of great conversation and tasty Argentinean beef.  Coming from a country where reliable and safe public transport is uncommon it was a new experience to be able to walk the quiet and dusty streets of the village, shortly before midnight, and wait for a bus to take us back to town.  The buses run until about 1am so visiting, shopping and getting around is both easy and economical.



  1. This fits so perfectly with your personality my friend. I can see that you are having such a wonderful time.

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