Posted by: gypsytales | January 10, 2010

We say Goodbye to Bariloche and New Friends

picture on our boat trip to the island

This is just a quick update about where we are at the moment.  We have had a marvellous time in Bariloche.  We have been pretty active since our arrival on Tuesday 5 January 2010 hence I haven’t been able to keep up with regular posting.

The variety of options has been overwhelming but we are pleased that we might have to return to Bariloche in mid-February to cross over into Chile so we’ll be able to complete some of the things we didn’t manage to get around to doing.

There are still so many pictures to post and stories to tell about our sailing trip to the Island of Victoria and the Myrtle Forests, which apparently inspired Walt Disney’s story about Bambi.  Our trip up the cable car to where the only 360 degree revolving restaurant in Argentina is to be found.  How Julie from Couchsurfing made us our first asado since we’ve been here.  We also met two lovely couples whom we spent time with and are confident we will meet again.   So as you can tell so much to say and so little time.

We leave in a couple of hours for a little town, 3 hours bus ride from here, called El Hoyo.  We will be staying on a farm in this area until Tuesday 26th January.  The area is well-known for their berries and while we don’t know exactly all the tasks we will be tackling, it has been mentioned that we might be picking berries and possibly working on adobe building.  We will also be having Spanish lessons everyday on the neighbouring farm.

So that is just a quick update of the way things are standing at the moment.  We are not too sure about the connectivity on the farm so if there are no posts please don’t give up trying…. 🙂




  1. After drinking bars of chocolate, farming will be good for you!

    Good luck with the Spanish lessons, they will make your life just that much easier.

    Love, UM

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