Posted by: gypsytales | January 9, 2010

Chocolate is Good for You

chocolate museum

When we arrive in a new town, our first stop is usually the information stand at the bus terminal where we obtain a map of the city and surrounds.  The map usually marks special places of interest and Bariloche was no exception.  One of these places of interest that caught our attention was the chocolate museum about 1 km from the centre of town.  They have one English tour a day which unfortunately meant that we would have to wait an hour for the tour but on hungry stomachs we decided not to linger that long and took a walk around by ourselves. 

conveyor belt transporting chocolate

For hygienic reasons we were not allowed into the area where they make the chocolate but huge glass windows allowed the public to view the chocolate makers at work.

pictures on the walls of the museum
pictures on the walls of the museum

The pictures on the walls of the museum were enough to tempt even a non-chocolate lover.

chocolates for sale
chocolate gifts

The chocolates at the museum were rather expensive.  On the way back to town however, we found another chocolate shop where you were able to buy just one piece at a time.

huge chocolate mixer
chocolate “chef”

The choices in this shop were so overwhelming it was impossible to decide on even a piece of chocolate.  One of the ladies came out to us offering us a piece of warm chocolate that had just come off the line…that did it, we were sold and since then we’ve a teeny piece of chocolate every day since we have been here.

Another discovery has been hot chocolate.  This is not the powdery chocolate drink you get out of a way…it’s the real deal.  It tastes as if they have melted an entire slab of chocolate just for drinking.  The sensation is warm and velvety and just thick enough that when you stir, it leaves a silky wake after each swirl of the spoon.

hot chocolate




  1. As everyone knows, chocolate is a fruit that grows on trees, so lots of it is good for you!! You made me go off and steal a piece of Carol’s Lindt.

    Bariloche looks like a spectacular place – you guys are really getting to see some amazing places of the regular tourist trail.

    Regards Leon

  2. Hi Guys, ok so now I’m completely jelous. All that chocolate! You know that may sway me to come to South America. Hee! Hee!

  3. What – is there such a person as a non-chocolate lover?

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