Posted by: gypsytales | January 4, 2010

New Year 2010 in Mendoza with Couchsurfers

in Mendoza for New Year 2010

We weren’t too sure what we were going to do to do for New Year.  So I hopped onto the Couchsurfing website to see if there were any events or meetings.  That’s why we love Couchsurfing sooo much.  We love the philosophy around it as it’s a great way of bringing travellers together.  We enjoyed a Peruvian dinner, arranged by Juan who lives in Mendoza.  We trusted his judgment and he went ahead an ordered a variety of dishes for the group to share.  Barry’s not keen on Sushi and only after he had wholeheartedly licked he first place to the bare china, did he realise that he had been eating a very typical Peruvian dish of raw fish.  Now he can’t wait for us to get to Peru.  Other very tasty dishes included kid, squid heads and chicken. 

Noemi & Juan

 Juan organised the New Year’s dinner and lives in Mendoza.  He is a lovely guy and welcomed us like old friends.  He went on to tell us that the wind hardly ever blows here.  There are plenty of oak trees that line the city streets.  Unlike the August winds in South Africa which shake the dead leaves off the trees preparing the way for spring, in Mendoza, the spring leaves just push their new buds through to pop off the dead winter leaves. 

Shirely & Matt

 Matt and Shirely sat next to us.  He was from the States and travelling around South America for 5 months or so.  Shirely was born in Peru but has lived in Buenos Aires since a child. 

Barry & Shirely

 Ana is from Mendoza and active in the couchsurfing group here. 

Arti & Minosh

Minosh and Arti were on honeymoon from New York.  Minosh has been involved in Couchsurfing for 4 years.  Arti is a shoe designer and has recently started her own business making vegan shoes which are produced in Brazil. 

Hasse & Eric

Hasse and Eric are from Belgium and they are travelling around South America for 10 months. 

Dominique & Tilly

Tilly and Dominique are from Belgium are Eric’s parents.  They are travelling for 6 weeks with Hasse and Eric.  Tilly and I were able to communicate perfectly.  I spoke Afrikaans and she spoke Flemish and it was amazing how well we understood each other. 

Emily, Ana Maria & David

David, Ana Maria and Emily joined us later where we went to have something to drink at another place.   David is from Canada but has been living in Mendoza for two years, Ana Maria is from Mendoza and is David’s girlfriend.  Emily is David’s daughter who was visiting from Vancouver, Canada.  She was part of the Canadian snowboard team but is recovering from an injury at the moment. 

We had a lovely evening, met new friends, chatted about loads of topics and finally got into bed at 4:30am…way to late.  It took about 3 days to recover.



  1. Hi Guys
    It is so wonderful to follow you as you travel. It seems unreal that you are going to all those different places. We are all ready to start another year. Had a good break.
    Love you guys

  2. Looks like you spent a very interesting New Year’s Eve! Just one question – what the heck are “vegan shoes”?? I had visions of a sandal salad!!

  3. Arti sound like my kind of girl. She can make the shoes and I can wear them… sigh!

  4. Wellwell Francis, that looks like you had a nice new yaers eve 🙂 so had we offcourse, although we are a little disappointed about our short information. Haha just kidding. Tilly and Dominique were with us for two weeks and now we had to say goodbye, the next three they’re travelling in Chile. We’re heading for Bolivia now!
    Looks like you’re having fun in Patagonia, you’re so right! And about the wind, it’s not getting any warmer…
    Veel plezier en misschien volgende keer iets in het Afrikaans op je blog?

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