Posted by: gypsytales | January 4, 2010

Alto Montana Tour – Aconcagua

part of the Andes mountain range - not Aconcagua

Our trip to the mountains was breathtaking.  It was also a reprieve from the ceaseless heat we were experiencing in Mendoza.  We were now starting to touch on the Andes and when our guide pointed out this mountain, standing is 6,285 metres above sea level and 150km away from where we were, it was impossible to believe that we could see so far.   On a clear day, this peak is also visible from the Pacific Ocean, which means looking “through” Chile and into Argentina.

one of four dams in Mendoza

Because Mendoza is a desert they have 4 artificial lakes for drinking and household purposes distributed throughout the province.  

bridge made of pebbles and mortar

 This colonial bridge is built with round, smooth pebbles and mortar.  It has now been declared a National Historic Monument.  It was a famous passage between Chile and Argentina and much military activity took place around here in earlier days.  The fable around the river is that if you drink from the river once, your spirit will be renewed.  If you drink a second time your body will be renewed and if you drink a third time you will find true love.  

Bishop's mountain

This is called Bishop’s mountain because the colours in the evening reflect the deep purples and violets of the Bishop’s robes. 

on the way up

When Barry and I went to Canada, it was the first time either of us had been in snow.  And what is a trip to the snow if you don’t attempt to ski?  Skiing was terrific and we both fell in love with the sport immediately. 

view from ski lift

Argentina also has a couple of ski resorts and even though it’s summer now that didn’t stop us from going up the ski lift and reminiscing about our trip to Canada. 

white-knuckle grip on the way down

That doesn’t mean I enjoy the ski lifts very much, I find it terrifying to be up so high with almost no protection from the elements.  With a small “car” swinging precariously on what looked like a slim thread of dental floss, Barry wasn’t even allowed to breathe in case we fell off 🙂

natural thermal pools

This was a natural bridge used by the Incas.  Now it is thermal baths because of the natural hot springs that bubble up at around 35 degrees Celsius.  It is very high in sulphur and iron, evidence of this is the deep ochre colours on the rocks. 

Aconcagua still 40km away

Aconcagua - just majestic!

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the western hemisphere and the highest in South America.  It is one of the 7 summits of the world.  It stands at 6,962 metres above sea level.  We’ve been having a number of chats with a guy where we are staying.  He is a climbing guide.  Having recently just completed a trip up Aconcagua he is resting until his next climb.  He will stay in Mendoza until March 2010, by which time he would have climbed it 4 times.  Each expedition takes about 18 days to climb.  The initial stage of the climb is a 40km hike in.  We are standing at the starting point with Aconcagua 40km away.



  1. Me again, the first pic looks like someone took a glass of milk and puored it over the mountain. Very cool.

    Luv you

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