Posted by: gypsytales | December 31, 2009

Salta is “the very beautiful one”

our hotel on the plaza

The name Salta name originates form the Aymara word “sagta”, which means “the very beautiful one”.  

Salta is said to be the most authentic city left in Argentina.  Many of the buildings reflect European architecture reminiscent of their colonisation by Spain. 

town hall

clock and moon

 Salta was for us our best time so far.  Actually we didn’t want to leave…but move on we must.  The weather was hot, the people very friendly and we now started to feel that we were moving into new things.  Up until now, we had both felt that we hadn’t really seen much in the way of scenery that we hadn’t seen before.  Pretty much most of the way up until Salta (which is about 1,510km from Buenos Aires) has been what we have seen in South Africa.  

tango in the streets

But from the photos in the previous post one can start to see the changing landscape and this piqued our curiosity enormously, especially for Barry from a photographic point of view.

Salta music in the streets

We have a video clip of this band which we hope to be able to upload onto the blog when we’ve worked out how to do that 🙂



  1. Last post of the old year?
    Enjoy your journey into the New Year – we are looking forward to seeing South America over your shoulders!

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