Posted by: gypsytales | December 29, 2009

We Are On the Move Again

Barry waiting for the bus at Tafi del Valle to take us to Salta 8 hours drive

We are on the move again….we’ve had a full and busy schedule since arriving in Salta so I’m a little behind in some story telling here.  Just wanted to add a quick post to give you an overview of the current scenario:

1. I haven’t managed to put up any posts on Salta yet.  This has been by far the highlight of our trip so plenty to share here when I get the opportuntity.

2.  We leave in 2 1/2 hours for Mendoza which is about a 17 hour bus ride…o boy…our longest stretch by bus so far.  This time we booked cama seats, which means they recline into a most comfortable bed.  As the trip will take place overnight, I think it’s important we get to sleep most of the way, I have a perfect pair of earplugs that a good friend gave me and a small travelling pillow so I’m looking forward to the journey.

3.  Yesterday we had the most fantastic …so keep a look out for this post…but here’s a hint in the meantime …”We went up into the clouds and then Down the devil’s throat”

4.  I’m sure with 17 hours on the bus I should have plenty of time to catch up with a couple of blog entries and will then post them as soon as we get internet access on arrival.

Bon Voyage!!



  1. Hi there, (Francis&Barry)
    We are following your blogs. Great Pictures!! Nice to see that you are O.K. You look so happy and relaxed. We would just like to wish you all of the best for the New year and safe travelling.
    Speak to you soon.
    Rosemarie&Dawie Brough
    (ex neighbours)

  2. JEALOUS! loads of love to you both! Caron x x

  3. Hi Franci! As I was reading about you ‘going down the Devil’s throat” Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” started playing on Radio 702’s Golden Oldies (all of New Year’s day!), so I took this as an omen I HAD to comment on your blog!

    I have just been catching up on your and Barry’s blogs as we have been away in Natal for the hols. It looks like you are living everything you expected – and you are well on your way to becoming a travel writer of note (I mean, “the irritable rain drizzled its contempt on our clothes”…!). Oh, and Happy New Year to you guys too-may 2010 have thousands of busy km’s in it for you.

    Gareth passed his matric with a university entrance, so we’re very pleased -he put in the hard work so I’m glad he was rewarded.

    Keep posting and we’ll keep following!


    Leon (and Carol, somewhere in the garden)

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