Posted by: gypsytales | December 27, 2009

We’re Connected Again

Who's happy to have wi-fi again?

We haven’t been able to post in recent days due to a lack of wi-fi connectivity.  We spent a couple of days in a remote mountain village…but will add this post in later with a story or two…just wanted to say hi to everyone and wish you all Merry Belated Christmas and hope you all enjoyed your festivities with family and friends…until later 🙂



  1. Hello Aunty Ponty and Uncle Barry
    Your blog is amazing!!!!!!!!
    Missing you lots.
    Hope you are enjoying yourselves overseas.
    Merry Christmas for the 25th December.
    I might get my own email soon, but just contact me on my mommy’s or daddy’s email address!
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Love you loads & loads
    Ps:can’t wait to hear from you!
    xxxxxxxxxxxI am missing you loads xxxxxxxxxxx
    email you later xxxxx

  2. My Sweet Sweet Darling Niece
    What an unbelievable surprise my darling…it is so fantastic to hear from you. Uncle and I are having a wonderful time thank you. All the little Argentinean girls remind me so much of you; with your long dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. We miss you too 😦 I look forward to you getting your own email address…thinking of you with lots and lots of love and affection, Aunty Ponty and Uncle Barry xxxxxxxx

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