Posted by: gypsytales | December 27, 2009

We arrive in Tafi del Valle

Tafi del Valle

We spent most of the two hour journey from Tucuman to Tafi del Valle climbing a mountain pass along serpentine roads that doubled back on themselves.  It’s been the only time that I was grateful we were driving on the right-hand-side of the road.  

We arrived in Tafi del Valle just after lunch and following our own tradition of not pre-booking accommodation we went in search of a place to stay.  Within a couple of minutes a guy appeared from nowhere and asked us if we were looking for a place to stay.  Our first reaction was one of suspicion and Barry tried to ignore him and brush him off.  I too felt awkward and wondered what his motives were.  I mean let’s face it, where we come from corruption, lack of integrity and murder is as regular as the rising of the sun.  It was only natural to want to avoid him.  For all we knew we were healthy tourist bait just waiting the hunter’s snare.  He was most probably a spin-doctor and we looked like easy pickings.  I mean really, who has ever approached you when you have looked, lonely, lost and confused and someone has appeared out of nowhere and asked if you would like to stay at their house? 

I finally capitulated and went with him to have a look at the type of accommodation he was offering.  What’s the worst that can happen?  My husband is a big guy and has been known not to shy away from providing chivalrous protection when I’ve been in clear and present danger. 

And there it was, the cutest little Heidi cottage with double-bed in the loft, spotless little self-catering kitchen, a 3-seater table and chairs and a bathroom with shower.  What more did we need?

My gut feeling said let’s go for it, but then again, a new town…new prices…we weren’t too sure if the price he was suggesting was a scam or an honest deal.  Anyway to make this long story short, we said that we liked the place but to be fair we needed another comparison and we would be back shortly after we had done our homework.

It didn’t take long to realise that he indeed was genuine and that his offer of hospitality was far superior to anything we had seen in a short space of time.  

With fear and trepidation that perhaps in the meantime another more “gullible” tourist had taken our cottage, I sped ahead of Barry only to catch a glimpse of the owner at the far end of the street, with hands in the air, signalling to us that it was too late.

The closer I walked the more he persisted with hands in the air it was too late.  When we finally reached him he told us that a Swiss couple had taken the cottage….well I guess only a Swiss tourist could identify a Heidi cottage so far from home. 


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