Posted by: gypsytales | December 22, 2009

We Arrive in Tucuman

lunch in the park

Although 11 hours on a bus is a long time, these buses are remarkably comfortable, the time passes by with ease.  There are two options to choose from, semi-cama (half reclining) and full cama (reclines into a full bed).  All our trips have been during the day, so we have only chosen semi-cama travelling, if only planes were that good!  The moment the wheels begin to turn, a Pavlov’s dog scenario overtakes me, before long my eyelids are unintentionally having a conference with my lower lids for snatches of the journey. 

Our accommodation arrangements changed in the last hour, which left us searching for somewhere to sleep at midnight.  No fear here though, everyone is still making merry.  We found a comfortable establishment, checked in and went in search of food.  We are still adjusting to the fact that 12:30 am is a normal hour to be eating your dinner.  We flopped into bed at around 2:20am. 

Earlier this morning we chatted to the lady at the Tourist Information Centre.  She spoke perfect English J  When you can’t understand someone and they can’t understand you, one then only realise how much information you miss out on.  While we’ve encountered many humorous situations trying to make ourselves understood, it is also a very frustrating situation to be in.  We are investigating attending language lessons down south but will have to wait another 3 weeks before we are in that part of Argentina.  In the meantime our acting skills are improving dramatically.


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