Posted by: gypsytales | December 22, 2009

We are on Top of the World

view of side walk cafe from our hotel

view of street from our hotel

At the moment we are on the 5th floor in our hotel.  Not unlike all the other cities we’ve been in so far in Argentina, Tucuman is noisy too.  Our room doesn’t have windows that open, but it does have a glass door that opens out onto a little balcony.  This means we need to keep it open all the time for air (we are both not in favour of air-conditioning – even though there is a unit in our room) but it also means that the constant, determined, aggressive noise of cars, people, hooters, and daily life enters incessantly.

The further north we are going the hotter it is becoming.  I love the heat, but I have to concede this kind of heat is debilitating and ceaseless. We experienced something similar in Vietnam.  I can remember saying that it felt like a Sumo wrestler was sitting on your chest, allowing you to breath once every three minutes.  Considering we are in land, the humidity is highly oppressive too.  I’m pleased to know my sweat glands are in good working order…I tried the au natural thing but it was just not successful…I went in search of stronger deodorant this morning.

 Free wi-fi is marvellously accessible in most hostels / hotels, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops.  We’ve just woken from our afternoon siesta, and we’re off in search of an ice cold local beer and wi-fi access…we leave for the hills tomorrow ….



  1. Floowing your journey (adventure?) with great enjoyment. In case you don’t get to blog on the 25th: Feliz Navidad, viaje seguro y un Feliz Año Nuevo

  2. Merry Merry Christmas with Health ,Wealth and Happiness for both of you. Tons of love from the North. From all in Victoria

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