Posted by: gypsytales | December 22, 2009

Goodbye to Tanti and on to Tucuman

bridge near Tanti Hostel

Tanti Hostel Family

The night before we left we spent a little time after dinner saying goodbye to the good people of Tanti Hostel.  An early morning rise, 6 am to be exact, was interfering with our bodies trying to adjust to Latin time.  Average wake up time here is between 8h30 and 09h00.  Breakfast would be at 10h00.  Lunch at 3pm and then dinner between 10pm and midnight.

We needed to take two buses to get to Tucuman, all in all it was 11 hours on the bus.  As I’ve mentioned before, Argentina has a terrific bus system that connects  almost every corner of this 8th largest country in the world.  Apart from one other time, I don’t recall actually reserving a ticket in advance for any bus trip to any destination.  Our modus operandi has been to arrive at a bus terminus and purchase a ticket on the next bus.  Buses run so frequently that waiting time is minimal.  We were also told that public transport is highly subsidised allowing the commuter to enjoy the benefits of inexpensive travel.  So far we have travelled a distance of approximately 1,300km  on buses.


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