Posted by: gypsytales | December 20, 2009

Tanti Hostel, Tanti – Cordoba

Tanti Hostel


We said goodbye to Sergio and left Rosario on Wednesday 16th Dec and made our way by bus to Cordoba; a trip of about 6 hours.  We then spent an equal amount of time walking the streets of Cordoba to find a hostel.  Realising one busy city is just about the same as any other and that most hostels are full of young people who never sleep, we were anxious to discover more of the country side and were delighted when someone suggested Tanti; a small village 50km from Cordoba. 

We hopped onto a bus for 10 Pesos and an 1½ later we arrived in a quaint hamlet nestled in a cup of mountains.  With many animated gestures between ourselves and local residents we hoped we were walking off in the right direction.  While 7.5kg doesn’t sound like much when you are hot and somewhat lost, it can feel like a ton.  Barry’s carrying two bags, his camera bag which weights 14kg and his day-back weights 10kg, so he has to lug 24kg around every time we are on the move – we’ve both agreed we are making up for any lack of exercise before we left.

Veranda outside our room


So far we haven’t pre-booked any accommodation, by just arriving we are hoping that we’ll be fortunate enough to find a vacancy.  Arriving at Tanti Hostel was a welcome relief.  We were also thrilled to discover we were the only travellers in the hostel at this time as high season only begins in the first week of January.  Everyone has been so exceptionally friendly and helpful combined with the peace and quiet we immediately decided to stay from Thursday until the Monday. 

lunch on arrival

melt in your mouth fillet

dinner with Malbec wine

We’ve been exceptionally lazy, just eating, sleeping, reading and writing and occasionally going for a walk – but only when necessary.

We also settled for the “full package” which included all our meals.  Chef Carlos, is the most outstanding cook and we’ve been spoilt beyond compare with his gastronomic creativity.  The food is fresh and bursting with flavour, that even while I’m eating one meal I’m already anticipating the next.  The grape varietal for this region is Malbec which we’ve been sampling at dinner time.

After a heavy thundershower, minus the lightning and thunder we are used to, we ambled down to the end of the garden where the river had swollen over the banks. 

All sorts of life seemed to appear after the rain had subsided.

river in front of Tanti Hostel


dainty flowers

spot the bug

river turtle


Friday 18th was our 15th wedding anniversary and we spent a quiet day together…we ate dinner by candlelight on the veranda, Latin music reminded us we were far far away from everything familiar and yet it feels like I’ve been in this space my whole life…I guess that’s the gypsy in me…

After dinner on the night before we left we participated in an informal musical jam session…well I’d like to call it that…the guys who work and live here gave us each a couple of musical instruments and along with them, leading the beat with djembe drums, guitars and flutes, we shook, drummed and made a delightful noise together on our instruments.

Tomorrow we will leave very early to walk to the village bus station to catch a bus back to Cordoba and connect with another bus to head north for Tucuman about 6 hours away to visit with our next couchsurfer.


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