Posted by: gypsytales | December 18, 2009

Couchsurfing with Sergio in Rosario

with Sergio at Rio Parana

We arrived in Rosario at around 18h00 where Sergio, our couchsurf host was due to fetch us after work.  It doesn’t cease to amaze me the immediate camaraderie that exists between couchsurf host and surfer. 

Sergio and Barry Tuesday morning 15th Dec 09

Fortunately couchsurf profiles provide photos allowing easy recognition.  Once Sergio had spotted us milling on the busy platform we bundled into his car and drove 15km out of the city of Rosario to his quiet suburban home. 

gazebo next to pool

Again, just like with Alejandro and Mariana, Sergio was a sterling host.  We have really been so spoilt so far.  His passion for good food and wine meant that within a short space of time he’d whipped up a healthy meal for us. 

There was lots of laughter and again much gesticulating.  Acting out scenes to interpret our conversations was most amusing.  While Sergio’s English is way better than our Spanish there were times we really arrived at a stale-mate.  I can humorously add that a glass of wine or two went to great lengths to improving our communication and our understanding.

the chef's kitchen

cooking rump steak


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