Posted by: gypsytales | December 18, 2009

Couchsurfing with Alejandro and Mariana

Mariana and Alejandro

Alejandro and Mariana were our first couchsurf hosts.  Having hosted surfers numerous times in South Africa before we left, it was quite a different experience being on the couch this time 🙂

our couch folded out into a double bed

We had a marvellous time with them.  Upon arrival Mariana welcomed us with a warm and friendly hug.  Their delightful apartment was cosy and meticulously tidy and well organised.  Alejandro joined us a little later and we sat down to a home cooked meal and accompanied by our first taste of Argentinian Malbec wine.

Alejandro preparing dinner for us

Alejandro and Mariana’s English is superb which enabled us to engage in a number of diverse conversations from politics, food and culture, comic heros, music, humour, life, love and marriage.

Here’s Alejandro and Mariana preparing a traditional Argentinian dish for us called Empanada.  Alejandro is a great fan of the Beatles and he plays guitar too.  We were treated to him singing Beatle songs for us while he chopped the ingredients. 

Mariana washing the mushrooms


They were terrific hosts and made our first couchsurfing experience a most enjoyable experience. 

We went on an early evening stroll with Alejandro through the streets of San Telmo in search of the ingredients dinner.


On Saturday morning we had to catch up with some clothes washing and fortunately the weather was hot and sunny so the clothes dried within a short space of time.

Barry washing his clothes

Drying our clothes








  1. Hey, nice pics!

    We had a great weekend with you guys and it was a pleasure hosting you and also having a perfect excuse for having Mariana cook those tasty empanadas!

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