Posted by: gypsytales | December 14, 2009

What the Heck is THAT?

What the Heck is THAT?

The day before we left for Buenos Aires, we were having lunch with a friend at one of our favourite wine farms just outside Stellenbosch.

The three of us were caught up in a conversation when suddenly the waitress terminated her approach with a gasp and a side step.  Our attention was immediately drawn to the focus of her fascination.  There lying on the floor was a dome-shaped, pink, plastic object with a spindle of wire off to the one side which at first glance seemed to resemble an overturned sea creature.   

On closer inspection it became evident that it was a set of upper dentures with a single golden tooth attached. 

No sooner had the waitress identified the foreign body she fled the scene faster than someone receiving a shock from a live wire.  The small consortium of waitresses buckled with laughter as they diplomatically tried to restrain themselves. 

Afraid of contamination, one brave soul came out with reams of paper towel and scooped up the offender with a swift left.  With ginger movements and discretion she went about trying to reunite the dentures with their owner.  One dear lady, upon hearing the news, paled as she discreetly checked her front teeth were still there.

By this time we were all feeling awful for the person.  It turns out he was sitting askance from us and just before lunch he had popped it into his pocket but obviously unbeknown to him it fell out.  He was a good sport though and just for good measure he gave us a neat little grin confirming, to the satisfaction of the waitress, that indeed he was the rightful owner.

P.S. take a closer look; can you see the photographer?


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