Posted by: gypsytales | December 14, 2009

All in One Day

Barry and I absolutely love the thrill of flying…everything from sitting in the departure lounge before boarding to finally buckling up and waiting for the air stewards to bring…yes…plane food.


Our flight was arriving from KL via Jhb and Barry was waiting to capture it’s landing from the lounge where we were sitting.

sitting on roof top garden

view from roof top garden

After a pretty quick nine hour flight we arrived in BA without accomodation, so once we were through customs we went in search of a room for the night.  Having seen a place on the internet before we left I guessed we could just arrive on their doorstep and ask for a place to stay.  This wouldn’t have been a problem if we could speak Spanish.  I took Spanish lessons about four years previously but since then it’s as dry as a dusty river bed.  Lesson number one…try to find a language school so that we can start to communicate as soon as possible.

Well, sign language goes a long way and between gesticulating, the odd Spanish word, lots of misunderstandings and plenty of laughter we managed to secure a place to stay for our first two nights.

Food was the next step and finding a place to eat isn’t difficult at all…Buenos Aires is a busy city with plenty of coffee shops, cafés and restaurants to choose from.  Again, because we can’t read the menu ordering is quite an undertaking….we read through the menu and after a bit of eenie…meenie….mineee…mo…we make a selection by pointing randomly and hope for the best.  Barry ordered a pizza but had no clue what the toppings were until it arrived to discover he had ordered capers, anchovies and olives…good thing he eats this.



  1. Well written and well illustrated! Keep it up!

  2. Wonderful to see the sights through your pictures. Had a bit of snow here yesterday but it is already melting. Hey Barry who is this guy hasta that you keep telling to let go?

  3. Hi there, trust you guys are well, miss you already, enjoyed the update so far, Kiara is sad she never said goodbye properly, will show her the site tonight, love you stax, be safe and take care 🙂

  4. sorry forgot to wish you guys a
    H a P p Y A n N i V e R s A r Y !!!!!!!!! for tomorrow the 18th, as i will be on the machine and wont have access, wow, did you ever imagine that you would be celebrating on another continent, have fun 🙂

  5. Sitting here with your sister, my namsesake, enjoying a peek into your new adventure! I have never travelled, except for a month sojourn to Granny in Italy, Aunt in Denmark at 17 (now 41!!) so hopefully will enjoy travelling through you..albeit vicariously!! All the best, Lyndsay Fowlds

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