Posted by: gypsytales | December 11, 2009

Where in the World is the Heart of Africa Now?

Where in the World is the Heart of Africa Now?

Neatly tied around the neck of a bottle of red wine hung this little wooden emblem of the map of Africa.  Strategically positioned, a heart shape presides over the country of South Africa. 

It was at our family farewell that my brother Bennett and his girlfriend Barbara presented us with this unique memento.  My brother recently bought an industrial machine that specialises in laser cutting to begin his own business.  This versatile machine is able to, with minute precision, laser cut any design on almost any surface. 

Knowing we were limited for space this was the perfect gift.  Light in weight, small in size and having special meaning we were very touched by their creativity and thoughtfulness. 

So now we’ve added a quirky theme to this journey…we’ll be taking photos of this little memento in various places along the way, entitled…“Where in the World is the Heart of Africa Now?



  1. Dear Francis and Barry;
    What a wonderful gift, and what a great idea to make it your “theme” on this amazing journey you’ve already begun. I was extremely excited to read about your plans! I added your blogs as favourites right away, and I will definitely follow you every step (that you blog obviously) on the way. You are in my thoughts guys- keep being the happy, open-minded, loving people that you are, and appreciate every moment. The biggest clichè of them all, but just because it actually matters- Carpe Diem! 🙂 Lots of Love, Marianne

  2. Are you trying to emulate Kingsley Holgate? Just remember he always came back to SA though 🙂

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