Posted by: gypsytales | December 9, 2009

Train trip from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town


Our train trip from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town was a superb experience.  Saying goodbye to my dad and Brenda at Platform 4 Port Elizabeth Station was one of those lumpy moments. 

Rich fabrics and textured upholstery made for comforable relaxing in the dining saloon.  The train trip provided wonderful opportunities to socialise and chat with fellow passengers.  We met 2 farmers and their wives from Patensie who shared with us their experiences of life on the farm.  We also had time to chat to a British couple who had been touring the Cape for the last 3 weeks.

Train travel also provides opportunities for those who always drive to now sit back and enjoy the the remarkable landscapes and ever changing scenery from the comfort of the viewing coaches. 

Sitting and doing nothing all day, besides chatting to guests, sight seeing and being lazy really works up an appetite and we were not disappointed.  Lunch was a three course meal with suitable wines and refreshments.

Could you take in anymore food?  We were no sooner past lunch and high tea was being served with delicious home made cakes, teas and filter coffees. 

Not wanting to miss a moment I eventually capitualted and gave into an afternoon siesta.  The monotonous train clicks as the wheels turned were a reassuring sound.

The sun finally surrundered her contious stare and amber glows of sunset swallowed our  snaking train as we entered the Outeniqua pass between Oudtshoorn and George. 

 Our train journey was time well spent; a most pleasant experience definitely worth trying again. 

Contact details:
Central reservations: 086 000 8888 (South Africa)



  1. Saw on Facebook that you have arrived safely. Really enjoying your writing here on the ‘Tales and look forward to more!

    Much Love,


  2. Hi Guys
    I miss you and I am thinking of you. Wondering what you are doing right now. The train looked fab.
    Love you

  3. WOW! Looks great, seems like one of those “have to do” things before I hit 50. YAY, got to see some of your fab photos

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