Posted by: gypsytales | December 8, 2009

No Room for a Toothbrush Handle

Weighing my day pack – fully packed tipped the scale at 7½ kg

Having travelled overseas a couple of times before, how much luggage to take has always been a challenge.  Being quite a minimalist I always surprised and annoyed myself for always over packing. 

This time around, I was determined to learn from past experience and so for weeks the regular topic of conversation between my husband and I has been, “What does one pack when going on an overseas trip for an indefinite period of time?”  

We finally came to the conclusion that light and lean is the way to go.  Both friends and family alike have either been intrigued or horrified by the end result.  

One way to achieve this is to pack small, really small, not even enough room for a toothbrush handle…only time will tell if this minimalist will be surprised or annoyed for under packing.

My dad was pretty shocked when I asked him to cut the handle off my toothbrush, purely because I couldn’t afford the space.  Here he is sawing and sanding the rough edges off.



  1. intelligent move 🙂
    It isn’t you who should addapt to your tool, the tool should be addapted for you. In this case a toothbrush 😛

    The photos really were a nice touch!

  2. I can’t help but laugh. I love you for all your special ways. Did my brother do the same? Mmmm I wonder.

  3. Francis: Who needs a toothbrush or clothes, dammit, as long as you have your wallet and passport, the world is your oyster
    Barry: How did you keep your bag under 7kg? as your clothes are at the very least twice the size of Franci’s, and you need a hairbrush more than her 😉

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