Posted by: gypsytales | October 29, 2009

We Have a Winner

We Have a Winner

In my previous post I talk about dreams and the importance thereof. 

So I hope you won’t mind if I share with you how proud I am of my husband for achieving bronze in the Fuji Film Professional Awards of South Africa for a second year in a row.  Last year he was awarded a bronze in the Documentary Category and this year this photograph above received a bronze in the Scenic Category. 

We were on holiday visiting my dad who lives in Port Elizabeth.  We always seem to find ourselves at the coast when the weather is inclement.  We were just waiting for the sun to shine and took full advantage of it the minute it did.  

Trundling down to the beach with camera gear, jackets, binoculars and a wife and parents in tow we waited….and waited….and waited….for the right moment. 

I can still hear my dad saying to my husband, “My son, it’s dark already, I can’t believe that you can see anything through your camera.” 

Dad, this one’s for you…the wait was worth it, wasn’t it?



  1. Beautiful photo, inspired to try in oil! Please contact me asap.

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