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Are you a Traveller or a Tourist?

Are you a Traveller or a Tourist?

“The traveller was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes “sight-seeing.” Daniel J. Boorstin

The next time you’re up for a debate, go ahead and open the topic for discussion on how to determine what defines a traveller versus a tourist.  This should start the ball rolling, here’s an extract from an article entitled “How to Tell a Traveler from a Tourist” courtesy Hobo

Traveller Tourist
A traveller carries a towel A tourist expects one to be in a hotel
A traveller leaves with one bag and returns with one bag A tourist leaves with one bag and returns with many, and even ships one home
A traveller asks what day it is A tourist wants to know the time
A traveller buys a one way ticket A tourist buys an around the world plane ticket
A traveller does not have a mobile phone A tourist does
A traveller walks slow A tourist walks fast
A traveller calculates the distance in terms of bus travel time A tourist thinks in terms of airplane travel time
A traveller has nothing at home, because they have no home A tourist spends money freely because they are going back to their job
A traveller does not know when they are going home A tourist knows they are going home
A traveller changes routes, itineraries, schedules and wanders the planet. A tourist has an itinerary
A traveller does not care about weekends A tourist cares about the weekend


A traveller refuses to take the same path home
A traveller does not iron their clothes
A traveller will know how to say hello in many languages
A traveller has slept with bedbugs on more than one occasion
A traveller knows that to go everywhere on the planet they cannot avoid getting dirty
A traveller does not buy souvenirs because they are not going home
A traveller knows the best way to do laundry is to do one to three pieces in the shower daily

A tourist will have the bellman carry the bags, and the taxi waiting at the door
A tourist pays with a credit card
A tourist does not know what a squat toilet is
A tourist buys travellers cheques in their home country
A tourist wants to rent a car

Tourists spend their money to see sights…
Travellers spend their time to gain experience…
(unknown author)



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