Posted by: gypsytales | October 4, 2009

It’s easier to raise the dead than…

Filing cabinet in our study (pic taken by me)

Filing cabinet in our study (pic taken by me)

It’s Easier to Raise the Dead than……

Like a patient who is wheeled into an emergency room for treatment, their vital signs are the first to be checked.  Within my filing cabinet  pulses the vital signs of administrative records, from marriage contracts, to vehicle purchases and maintenance, agreements of sale, our wills, bank records, you name it – I file it. 

A friend once asked me, should my house burn to the ground, what would be the one thing I’d like to save?…without hesitation it would be my filing cabinet.

One doesn’t realise how rooted we are until we try and extricate ourselves.  I love words and their meanings, and if you read my blog regularly you’ll find that I give the definition of words fairly often.

This time it’s the word ROOT and out of 15 possible meanings my dictionary gave, this was the one I was looking for: established deeply and firmly

So since the sale of the house there have been plenty of tasks to tackle.  Going through the filing cabinet I discovered just how many monthly financial commitments we are rooted to.  Some of these examples are, lights and water accounts, telephone accounts, cell phone accounts, medical aid, policies, home insurance, vehicle insurance…..and so on.

Having sold our TV, I called and asked them to kindly cancel my TV Licence as I no longer owned a TV.  But you know the drill, call the appropriate number, voice prompts instruct you to make the correct keypad selections…spend 20 minutes going through the 85 thousand possible options available – they don’t have the one for cancelling your TV license – phone back and start again….try customer service this time….wait some more….go and make tea….still waiting for a reply….cook supper….still waiting….go and have bath…..still waiting….aaahhh!!! finally an answer….I’d like to cancel my TV license please.

“You want to WHAT????”  Oh no, no, no….I’m instructed that in order to cancel my TV license I need to do the following:

Write an Affidavit stating what date I sold the TV, who I sold the TV to, what is their ID number, their television license, their address, their telephone number….and get it signed by the police or a commissioner of oaths.

All done and said, we finally did everything they said and faxed it (this is their preferred method of communication) through to them.  Not convinced that I should leave it at that, I called to make sure they had received the fax…don’t forget of course…you have to wait a whole day on the phone before they pick up….once through to a call centre agent, I was gob smacked when she informed me that yes the fax was indeed reflecting as being received.  “Perfect”, I said, when can I receive a reply…..”well, we will write to you in 6 weeks she said”…….”WRITE to me (haven’t they heard of email?)  – 6 weeks”, I reply, “I’m going to be out of the country by then….”

So, what did I learn from this experience?

It is probably far easier to uproot a dead person and activate their vital signs…..than cancel your TV license.


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