Posted by: gypsytales | June 3, 2009

Can you hear…?

© gypsytales

Can you hear…?

Can you hear the barking dogs?
They haven’t stopped for ten years
Their cacophony clots in my ears…
Can you hear the taxi horns?
They hoot, trawling for business
Every blast is like the tearing of gauze from a healing wound…
Can you hear the ghetto music?
A cheap, monotonous musical score
Repetitive words bruise my temples…
Can you hear the house renovations?
Hammering, drilling and sawing
An abrasive orbital sander grazes my vision…
Can you hear the car engines?
Mechanical churnings of a gear change
Repels like the scrape of nails on a chalk board…
Can you hear the alarm clock?
Its electronic startle
Abducts me from an exclusive nirvana…
Can you hear the police sirens?
The blue sound of it distress signal
Gnaws at the raw gum of a recently pulled tooth…
Can you hear the mobile ring?
Its persistent tone
Burns like the tug of stitching-gut through soft flesh…
Can you hear the stray gunshot?
A deadly bullet fractures ethereal shadows
Fear dries in my lungs…
Can you hear the ostensible silence?
A salubrious ointment
Momentarily leaks into the pastures of my mind…

© gypsytales



  1. was just checking to see if you have written any new poems???? x Caron

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