Posted by: gypsytales | May 27, 2009


© gypsytales (FB)

I spend moments absent-mindedly pondering what it will be like. 
Savoring the experience, I know so well, only heightens the excitement and the yearning.
It’s not long now.
Entombed in my sarcophagus of darkness, I’m waiting with anticipation for my brief liaison with sleep, the unexplained, habitual pattern of human life. 
The windows are a crack open, an unspoken invitation permits the cornucopia of the night to enter in. 
The sounds are sharp, the air is clean, the trees are naked, winter has replaced summer’s humid presence. 
A deep brown blanket, melts around me and drips like hot chocolate over the sides of my bed.
The sensation of it’s delicious fibers embrace my bare cheeks cupping them in reassuring folds. 
I sip the fractured night air with deliberate hostility, as a stranger it looms above my head, intent on distracting me from my long-awaited appointment, from the moment when I will slip insouciantly into the figment of my imagination.  
But where are you? 
Why do you delay your coming? 
Slumber alludes me, what have I done that you should avoid me for so long? 
What once comforted and consoled me, now gnaws in relentless waves of agitation. 
The growing restlessness within my mind explodes in sharp conflict to my former tranquility. 
The tumultuous sea of growing turmoil begins to throttle my earlier visions of rhapsody. 
A castaway, abandoned, I’m left to navigate the treacherous rapids upon my turbulent bed of chaos. 
Irresistible waves of destruction capsize over my vanquished spirit, taunting and teasing me they lure me to my demise. 
How much longer need I endure this torture before you slake my insatiable appetite for rest?
© gypsytales (FB)



  1. You are a SUPER talented writer – makes me quite jealous. love you fran. Caron x

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