Posted by: gypsytales | April 28, 2009

Thieves Drink Tea Before Fleeing

“Thieves Drink Tea Before Fleeing”

The foundation School in 1st Avenue Melville fell target to thieves last week.  The school offers specialised education for marginalised children with learning difficulties.

Despite sturdy security measures the thieves left a devastating trail of destruction and loss.

The thieves weren’t in a rush as they drank tea and coffee in the staff room, stole the children’s Easter egg hamper and left a trail of empty Easter egg wrappers. 

“It’s disturbing that criminals would target a charity.  The equipment stolen was either donated to Sparrow Schools by the community or purchased with donor funding,” said school principal Rita Pretorius.

“One of the biggest frustrations with this incident is its effect on staff morale.  Working in a school where a myriad of challenges is faced daily t ensure that children with special educational needs, many of whom came from poor backgrounds, have access to all the services they require, the disruption caused by these criminals is immense,” she added.

This is an extract from an article entitled “Thieves Drink Tea Before Fleeing” that appeared in a local newspaper publication on Tuesday 28 April 2009


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