Posted by: gypsytales | April 28, 2009

The Police Won’t Protect You

“The Police Won’t Protect You”

Don’t bother to report a crime – unless you plan to claim from your insurance.

While a resident of Parkview was taking a walk he was robbed at knife-point.  He goes on to explain, “One came up in front of me and the other behind me and pressed knives against my spine and my ribs.  I was duly relieved of my cellphone but before the situation could get worse, a motorist in the rush hour traffic saw what was happening.  She stopped her car and started hooting. Two other motorists also stopped and the men ran away.”

After reporting the incident and waiting half an hour with no show from the police, the resident walked home and drove to the police station to make a report. 

He said, “I was told at the charge office that a case would be opened only if I needed to claim from insurance for the loss of my cellphone.  Since I won’t be claiming, the police decided there was no point opening a case.  They said that they were aware of a problem with muggings on the bridge, but were powerless to prevent it or even chase the criminals.”

The resident added a final thanks and a warning…”I want to thank the motorists who stopped and warn all who very foolishly feel safe in Melville and Parkview, those runners and pedestrians who use the bridge – the police can’t and won’t protect you.”

This is an extract from an article entitled “The Police Won’t Protect You” that appeared in a local newspaper publication on Tuesday 28 April 2009


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