Posted by: gypsytales | April 22, 2009


Baby Micaela by Anne Maggs & Debora Patta

“The inside story of South Africa’s most famous abduction case”

The year was 1994.  All eyes were on South Africa as they were about to vote in their first democtatic elections on 27 April and usher in a new government.  Just six days later on, Tuesday 3 May, Micaela Hunter was born at the Marymount Hospital in Johannesburg to first time parents, Bruce and Alison Hunter.

Within 24 hours, no one could have imagined the anguish and the trauma of what was to unfold.  A woman, disguised as a Red Cross worker, entered the maternity ward the morning after Alison had given birth and with devious intent managed to steal her new born baby girl.

What ensued was every parent’s nightmare as the police were called and the search for Baby Micaela began.  The authors explore the avenues investigated from psychics to sangomas, the role of the media during that time and bizarre leads to the underground world of drugs and prostitution.  Desperate situations call for desperate measures and no stone was left unturned.  To add to the Hunters agony they still had to contend with the false alarms, the ruses and the opportuntists using the Hunter’s torment for their gain. 

In a strange twist of events, baby Micaela was returned to her parents when she was almost two years old.  The authors personal interest in the drama helped them to write a most touching account of human suffering and indefatigable hope.



  1. I would like to know whether the Hunters were able to settle down after this terrible event in their lives. Does anybody know whether Micaela has grown up as a happy teenager, able to forget those first two years?

  2. I would love to know myself. I still think about her often and even named my child after her ( it has a special meaning to me) . I told my daughter (8years) the story about Micaela Hunter…………I hope Micaela is doing well.

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