Posted by: gypsytales | April 21, 2009

Vetkoek Paleis en Kerrie Huis

Vetkoek Paleis en Kerrie Huis 

62A Bree Street, Parys , South Africa

Vetkoek Paleis en Kerrie Huis

Vetkoek Paleis en Kerrie Huis

An easy hour and a half drive from Johannesburg, heading south on the N1, take the R59 turn off to Parys.

Bree Street in Parys is an eclectic mix of old and new.  We were pleasantly surprised to see how popular this once, sleepy town, has become.  A stroll down the street revealed plenty of antique shops and a variety of eateries.  How can you visit a dorpie without trying traditional South African boerekos? 

Esmé has worked at the Vetkoek Paleis en Kerrie Huis since its opening three years ago.  She told us that she enjoys being creative and while her boss chose the colours – yellow, blue and white – she had a hand in decorating the little restaurant.  The interior is neat and clean and the check table cloths add a touch of brightness.  And when our bill was presented to us on a multi-coloured crocheted plate-cover I nostalgically associated the plate-cover with keepsakes familiar with Afrikaans culture.

Crocheted plat-cover

Crocheted plate-cover

“Vetkoek” is a traditional Afrikaans pastry. It is thought to have its origins in the Dutch “oliebol” from the days of the first Dutch settlers in the cape.Literally it means “fat cake”, which refers to the method of frying only and not the bread itself. The history of “vetkoek” as we know it today, goes back to the days of the Voortrekkers who found it much quicker and easier to make than bread, when on the move.They are lumps of bread dough which are deep-fried in hot oil until they turn golden brown. Typically South African, they should be eaten while still warm, filled with either savoury mince or just butter and jam. As a snack or as fast-food it can be served any time of the day”.  Excerpt from South Africa Tours and Travel Website.

Vetkoek en Mince

Vetkoek en Mince

There is a selection of both sweet and savoury vetkoek options e.g. savoury curry and mince with chutney, mild / hot beef with chutney, mince with picalilli or syrup / honey and jam.  The menu prices are most reasonable and our bill came to just R50 for two vetkoek and mince and 2 soft drinks.

Soi if you are in the Parys area and looking for a traditionally South African menu, stop in at the Vetkoek Paleis en Kerrie Huis.



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