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Interview with David and Roberto

 Interview with:


David Felipe Alden Ángeles and Roberto Montes de Oca Robertson

Sunday 25 January 2009




Two Mexican athletes and friends, David and Roberto are participating in a year-long campaign in a bid to raise funds for Raul.  Raul suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, a hereditary disease which affects mostly the lungs.  There is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis and most sufferers die young.

Doctors have predicted that Raul has a life expectancy of two years.  David, who has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and Roberto a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering, recognised the privilege of good health and in support of Raul, they started a project, that would take them around the world in an attempt to raise $300,000 so that Raul could receive a lung transplant.






Read their answers below:


Name of the project?

Cambiando Pulmones (Changing Lungs)


How would you explain the project?

Changing Lungs is a project focused on helping a friend receive a lung transplant and motivating people towards a healthy lifestyle by demonstrating that goals are achievable.  There are three stages to the project:

Stage 1: Bike from Mexico to Peru (completed)

Stage 2: Marathon or triathlon on each continent. 

Phase 3: Ironman Zurich July 2009


How long was the intended project?

1 year


How do you gain support?

Our main sponsorships are through companies.  Larger companies have Sponsorship and Social Upliftment budgets.  Some of our sponsors include: Schlumberger (oilfield services provider)

Al-Límite Veratrix (triathlon and multi-sport team in Mexico)

grupo Expedición (magazine presenting adventure events)

La Unión de Morelos (Mexican newspaper)


What are your objectives and goals?

There are three objectives:

1.      to raise money

2.      to inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle

3.      to compete in Ironman Zurich 2009.


By visiting the schools we aspire to become role models for students. We encourage them to reach their objectives through discipline and healthy lifestyle habits.


How do you stay motivated?

Through people we know and those share the project.  By being in contact with friends when we are on the road through:

·         Facebook

·         Email

·         Internet

·         Video clips of our experiences

·         Skype

·         Blog

·         Flickr

 What gets you down?

Not thinking about the project and the big picture.  Certain things need to be made in Mexico like the promotional items and the web page development and when this isn’t done or we don’t see progress that can get us down.  Also when people don’t want to hear about the project, that can get us down too. 


When this is all over, where to from then?

Roberto: get a job, make changes from we have learned.  Reassess my value system and how I spend my time

David: try to implement the lessons learned


Where have you travelled so far?

Mexico – Guatemala – Honduras – Salvador – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama – Columbia – Ecuador – Peru – Argentina – Chile – Australia – South Africa


Where to from here?

India – Nepal – Thailand – Hong Kong – China – Mongolia – Russia – Japan – Sweden – Germany – France – Spain – Italy – UK – Switzerland


How can individuals help support the project?

Visit the webpage, join the Facebook Cause, send an email to David or Roberto, make suggestions, make online donations, buy project souvenirs












  1. hello my friends!! it’s nice to here all that you guys do for my health. thank you so much and Thank Gypsy tales to follow us!!!. every day the cause get more friends, it’s great too!!! take care guys. big hug from Mexico.

  2. Dear Raul
    This is a wonderful surprise to hear from you 🙂 We think of you often and support Cambiando Pulmones. We hope that you are feeling strong and keeping well. Thank you for sending us this special message. Lots of love from your supporters here in South Africa.

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